Denver custom signs

The logo design that you use as a visual identification tool for your company is essential for your business success – a well-designed sign will attract attention and will help your customers identify your brand, but a poor design can render your brand image unnoticeable. Here are some tips to make your logo stand out in a positive way:

  • Know your target group – Denver custom signs marketing pros tell us that every brand has a specific target group, so knowing the shapes, the colors and the messages that the members of that audience respond to is essential. Figure out the brand’s personality, too – if it features a playful image and is dedicated to young people you can use powerful colors and bold shapes, but if you wish to address older generations, classic designs work better;
  • Keep it simple – experiment until create a design that is clear, simple and unforgettable;
  • Use clear fonts and don’t use more than two of them – if your logo contains text as well, choose simple, easy to read, preferably sans serif fonts;
  • Create multiple versions – create a colorless version of your logo first and be prepared that you will probably want to use your signage on multiple media, including digital carriers, billboards, magazines and other. Make sure that your logos are scalable, too.