We live in times when everything turns around us with fantastic speed. Under the assault of COVID-19, today’s world no longer resembles yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s will also be completely different than what we know now. We try as much as possible to respect the legislation in force, but too many people forget something that could make a difference during this period: social distance.

social distancing floor decals

Accustomed to being with each other, to socialize, we forget that this can affect us. The stickers for social distancing are a reminder.

What are social distance stickers?

These social distancing floor decals are self-adhesive stickers, made by UV printing technology. This ensures high weather resistance as well as resistance to contact with footwear and cleaning materials and products. They can be found in various sizes and contain different messages encouraging social distancing.

Where are they used and how do they help?

Mainly, these social distance stickers are used in commercial areas, as an indicator of keeping a safe distance, or in public institutions, public transport and offices/ companies that have a program with the public. They are applied in visible places, where there is a risk of not keeping the social distance, having the role of drawing people`s attention to ensuring the minimum safety distance.