When traditional media first picked up, it was seen as a great method of advertising, since it could convey information as well as trigger feelings in prospects who viewed banner ads and signs that companies would post outside their buildings. Now, with the advent of digital signage, things are changing rapidly, and we are seeing an evolution in marketing and advertisement at a level that was never before seen.

All this plays into the price of a digital ad campaign using not just online ads, but actual screens set up inside and outside your store or business location. Digital signage is more and more popular, and as a result, the prices are still pretty high. However, as technology continues to progress, it’s now much cheaper and easier to produce these signs en masse, so the prices are adjusting accordingly.

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The issue of whether or not digital signage is more expensive can be a complex one. The most advanced digital business signs Denver signage companies manufacture will of course cost more than a basic screen you set up in your restaurant to show the menu. However, digital printing can cost a lot as well, especially when you add together the costs of printing and of buying or renting the actual equipment you’ll need, or covering the ongoing costs of hiring someone to prepare your new signage.

As such, even though digital signage might cost a little more upfront, the benefits it creates and the fact that it doesn’t need much ongoing maintenance means that you can recover your expenses pretty quickly and that digital signage is actually cheaper and more advantageous in the long run.