If you own a shop, the use of a traditional sign might just provide a passerby with a clear view of what your shop is about once they get close enough. However, if you have a monument sign, that can be viewed from a much greater distance, often even by drivers headed to work or going home after a road trip.

The main advantage of having a monument sign placed proudly like a tower in front of your building is that it’s imposing. An atypical element in the middle of an area where most buildings don’t have anything of the sort, your monument sign will attract attention as well as enable people to read the name of your business, see any logos or graphics you might add, and become immediately attracted by your building, which is right next to the sign itself. You can look for great outdoor business signs near me to get some design ideas.outdoor business signs near me

Aside from greater prestige and reputation, a monument sign will also provide you with a durable center base for your building’s marketing materials and other signs. While a traditional sign will be affected by rain, snow or hail, a monument sign can withstand all those stressors and continue to stand proudly under almost any kind of environmental condition that Mother Nature throws at it.