Non-profit organizations need to invest in advertising to attract the attention and goodwill of donors. Unfortunately, people’s attention span is getting shorter from year to year, so your banners and signs must stand out and be really visible.

banner printing

This is something a banner printing company can help you with. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Prepare the Banner File in an Adequate Format for Printing

The printing company will discuss various options with you with regard to the adequate printing technology for your type of banner. For example, printing on vinyl or textile material requires different machines than printing on mesh or cardboard.

Thus, you will need to supply the banner design in a forma recognized by the printing machine. This should be no problem, because modern graphic design software offers a wide range of formats for saving the file.

  1. Choose the Right Material for Each Use Case

Banners that will be displayed outdoors must be printed on weather and UV resistant materials. For banners for indoor use, you have a wider choice of materials. Also, the colors and design of banners must be determined by the way they will be displayed – under natural sunlight or indoor fluorescent light.

  1. Check the Proof Carefully before Giving the OK to Print

A full service banner printing company will prepare a small scale proof – an actual printout of the banner on a piece of the material you chose. Look carefully at this and if you notice anything wrong, say it. Otherwise, once you give the OK to print, the banner will be printed in actual size and in the quantity you ordered.