The most frequent concern people have about wrapping their car is whether the wrap may actually deteriorate the paint. The answer is that under normal conditions, a vehicle wrap does not damage your car. But we need to define what normal conditions actually mean.

The normal conditions of a car may refer to its age, i.e. that of less than 5 years old, no damage to its body, no excessive exposure to chemical or UV lights, no rock chips and no ceramic coatings. It is important to remember that manufacturers usually do their testing on new cars.

In fact, after applying them, vehicle wraps will certainly protect your paint. Wraps are, in fact, a sort of covering for your car’s paint, protecting it from debris, weather exposure, and so on. If they are removed properly and within the already established removal period, most paints do not leave any kind of residue or paint peel.

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In order to have a successful wrapping, you need to choose the best vehicle wraps Denver company to apply the right type of film for the surface. The print production should also be done correctly, as well as the surface’s preparation. Unpainted or plastic-covered vehicles should not be wrapped, as wrap usually adheres best on a previously painted car.