A high quality car wrap has a lifespan of around 5-7 years. However, you may want to remove it sooner for one reason or another. Maybe you use your car for business purposes and want to present a professional image to your clients. Or maybe you want to sell your car and a wrap may actually lower its value.

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Here is what you need to know about removing a car wrap:

  1. Heat Up the Vinyl

The first step is to heat the vinyl wrap to reach a temperature of 65 degrees and higher. Use a heat gun and work your way around the car without spending too much time on any surface. Otherwise, the vinyl will start bubbling or even get burned and it will be extremely difficult to remove.

  1. Start Peeling from a Corner

Find a corner of the car and start pulling the vinyl wrap, maintaining it at a 45 degrees angle. Be careful not to pull too hard, otherwise the vinyl may tear away leaving the laminate layer on the car body, and this is very difficult to remove afterwards. Continue the process consistently, maintaining the same angle and pulling force.

  1. Use Solvent to Remove Adhesive Left Behind

No matter how careful you are, some adhesive will remain on the car body. In order to remove it, use a special solvent for vinyl adhesive. The best solution is to contact a local car wraps Denver manufacturer and find out what kind of solvent they recommend.