talk to a local Denver sign company about eco-friendly signage

Green advertising is starting to gain more and more importance on product labels and in the media.

It refers to any advertising or labeling that refers to a product or service and its effect on the environment, including production methods, materials used, packaging or recycling options.

According to a local Denver sign company, below are some of the problems green advertising faces.

  1. The statements contained in this type of advertising are not always true.

Economic operators often rely on the timely improvement of a single attribute of their product or service to show that it respects the environment. However, a general statement can only be based on an examination of the whole life cycle of the product and all its characteristics.

Example: declaring a sign “environmentally friendly and non-polluting” just because it is made from recycling materials can be a bit confusing, because the sustainability of the production process matters just as much.

  1. It is impossible for consumers to verify that these ads are true.

Checking the effectiveness of a product when using it is relatively easy, but checking whether a product or service is as environmentally friendly and non-polluting as the ad claims requires more knowledge than most consumers have.

Example: even if a signage is labeled as “biodegradable”, most consumers do not know the requirements of the decomposition process, its physical and biological requirements, etc.