Car wraps are one of car owners’ favorite means of expressing their exact preferences, tastes and opinions. However, some people just go too far. Especially in the case of football fans, some car wraps seem a little over the edge.

One of these examples is a Nissan GT-R with a Jaguars wrap. This car definitely is the expression of a genuine Jaguars’ fan. In fact, someone made a car for mostly every team, so there is plenty of wraps to choose from.

Some went so far as to wrap a bus in a depiction of their favorite team, The Eagles. It belongs to a group of fans who actually follow their favorite team from one game to another.

Cowboys wrapped car is another example of a bit excessive zeal. Although it is basically covered in Cowboys’ logos, it does look pretty nice.

Another amazingly-looking vehicle is a formula 1 race car with the wrap of the Bears’ team. The shiny and appealing chromatic contrast, between orange and black, is completed by the famous logo. Not to mention the speed that such a car can reach.

Cleveland Browns party bus is another example. It has a totally unique, eye-catching design and is equipped with a satellite dish, so that they can watch the game while traveling.vehicle wraps Denver

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