If you ever drove past a large museum, a school or just about any large building belonging to a big corporation, you’ve probably seen a solid, large sign in their front yard featuring the name of the institution and what it does. That’s a monument sign, and despite its price, it works very well to earn its “keep.”

Monument signs are large signs often made to last (even made out of actual stone or strong metals) that are designed to convey the identity, prestige and impressive reputation of an accomplished institution or a large business. If you own a business, having a monument sign will tell people that your business is among the best, that you offer good quality and that you make a lot of money.

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Another advantage of a well-designed monument sign is exposure. Preferred monument sign Colorado builders say that businesses that use these signs can enjoy the presence of many new customers who might just see the sign from their cars and decide to stop by to see what your company is all about.

Because monument signs are so resilient, you won’t have to worry that they will be damaged in a storm and need extensive repairs. In most cases, it will take a long time after you bought it for the monument sign to show any type of damage or signs of wear.