custom floor decals

Nowadays, in the midst of the pandemic, the authorities are facing the stubbornness of some people who seem to be committed to not to follow the rules, and this is because it is very difficult for some individuals to make radical decisions, which completely change their daily lives, based on a threat that they perceive as theoretical, at least as long as they do not face the disease.

The term “social distancing” causes quite a lot of panic among the population, the “physical distancing” variant being preferred. But beyond semantics, it is important to educate ourselves to keep distance, because it is a question of personal safety and common sense. We do not have to exaggerate the meaning of keeping distance; just make sure you do not invade anyone`s personal space.

Human agglomerations are rarely nice or safe, much less now, in the midst of a pandemic. That’s why institutions, stores, offices or companies that have a program with the public have started using floor graphics to educate people to keep their distance.

Custom floor decals are glued in visible places, where there is a higher risk of not keeping social distance.

Generally, they are made of PVC, printed with various inks. After printing, they are laminated, which increases their resistance to wear, water and repeated washing. The application is very easy and does not require qualified personnel.