There are many types of banners, from vinyl banners that stretch along a road to the ones that roll up at exhibitions. Banner printing is included in the category of poster printing. It typically involves large printing and, as the name suggests it, refers to the action of making banners by laser printing on various different mediums.

Banner printing can involve different formats and sizes, and can be done on just one side or on both sides. Moreover, it can be used either inside, or outdoors. Paper is not recommended for banners, because it tends to be less durable and also it does not hold the same quantity of ink. At the same time, duplex banners tend to cost more than simplex ones.

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According to signage companies that print advertising banners in Denver, among the most commonly used types of materials are canvas, vinyl or the flag-type materials. Being thicker than paper, they do not fade easily and therefore are very resistant.

Banners which are made to be used on the exterior parts of buildings require a more expensive, weatherproof material, and therefore can also cost more than indoor banners. But the good news many companies warranty their banners for a certain period of time, against the usual wear-and-tear issues which may frequently occur.