Wrapping is the most cost-effective way of customizing a car. From a simple decal to a full car body wrap, you can change the color of your car, make it a brand ambassador for your business, or simply show your support for your favorite sports team.

large format printing Denver production for car wraps

But how are car wraps made? Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Creating the Design

First of all, the company will upload or create your car wrap design into a graphic software suite and make the final touches. The file will be then sent to a  large format printing Denver production business to print onto the wrapping material.

  1. Printing the Wrap

Car wraps are usually made of vinyl. Of course, it is not the thin vinyl you know, but higher grade material from top producers. This material has many useful properties, including anti-fading and resistance to wear and tear. In this phase, the vinyl sheet passes through a special printing machine, and the design is transferred onto it.

  1. Installing the Wrap

This is probably the most critical part of wrapping a car. The most beautiful wrap will look terrible due to poor installation. This is why you should always seek an experienced workshop, whose technicians can complete your car wrapping with zero errors.