Lighted Signs A Visual Edge

Lighted signs are advertising products that stand out through the diversity of aesthetic and functional solutions and possibilities. Lighted signs can be cassettes, volumetric letters, displays or prolight, in an infinite variety of shapes. Lighting can be done in different ways: with classic lighting, TGS or LED, with direct back lighting or selective lighting, monochrome or dynamic polychrome lighting, with hall effect or face lighting. Signs can be made of rigid support (Plexiglas, aluminum) or flexible supports (backlit film, polyplane backlit). Fixing it on the wall is using high quality anchoring systems.

Lighted signs are the best option to make your name, logo, products and services known. Compared to common lighted commercials, LED signs attract great attention at any time of the day and are a business card for your company. Bearing in mind that bright advertising represents you, choosing a premium product guarantees a flawless image in front of your customers.

In a market flooded with by-products of mostly Chinese origin, choosing a lighted advertisement can be a real technical and budget burden for any company. Being cheap and built from low quality assemblies (modules), low-cost products deceive entrepreneurs, and subsequent service and maintenance costs are very high.

A bright advertisement produced by a professional designer such as The Visual Edge Signs & Design offers, in the medium and long term, not only aesthetics, durability and functionality, but also the economy involved in the purchase of a premium product.