monument signs Denver

Monument signs are typically large, bulky, custom made signs in the form of free-standing structures typically installed in front of buildings or business locations. They have a significant visual impact and particular designs.

What is the recommended size of a monument sign?

Monument signs Denver advertising options are completely custom, which means that they can be any size you want.  However, you should be aware that some cities and communities may have restrictions on size for aesthetic reasons, or for traffic safety. You should check on local ordinances regarding the size of monument signs.

In general, the installation of monument signs should be left to professionals, as they must be typically anchored to a platform. Besides, they can be very heavy and require professional transportation and lifting equipment. They are most commonly made from metal, wood, brick, stone, or rigid foam. It is understandable that a large monument sign such as a banner or a led box cannot be moved around by a few individuals.

The installation can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the sign, the materials it is made from, the permits required, and the inspections needed.