Depending on the finish and maintenance, you’ll find that the amount of time car wraps last can differ greatly. Also, there’s a huge difference between cars that are used to transport goods in the countryside and cars used for more “official” purposes and fewer trips taken through a big city.

How you use your fleet of cars will, of course, make a huge difference. Even if your car wraps are designed to last more than 7-8 years, which is usually the limit of how long you should take before replacing them, that life expectancy will be cut short if you constantly drive them through country roads and muddy countryside pathways. The mud and gravel, as well as the extensive cleaning that will be required afterwards will cause the car wrap to be deteriorated or lose its color much sooner than that of a car used in the city.

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The quality of the vehicle wraps Denver manufacturers and installers provide is also very important. Some car wraps have added coatings that make them more resilient, so they can easily last for up to 5-7 years even when used under trying circumstances. Also, it’s very important to take proper care of your fleet vehicles and use proper cleaning and maintenance methods while avoiding cleaning formulas that can cause damage to them over time.