A car wrap is a piece of vinyl foil used for covering a car’s initial paint either completely or partially. Auto wraps Denver technicians assert that the car wrap method is an excellent, affordable alternative to repainting the car – you can use vinyl of the color of the initial paint or you can get a new color, just like with traditional painting techniques, but the process is much cheaper and much more efficient. Glossy and matte finishes are also available, allowing to create a stunning design for your car.auto wraps in Denver

If you choose to get your car wrapped, you need to know that the vinyl foil will probably last somewhat shorter than conventional paint. If applied and maintained correctly, car wraps usually last around 5 years – if your car is not exposed to the elements too much, the foil can last even longer. To ensure maximum durability for your car wrap, keep your car clean, but use a gentle, scrubbing-free method and chemicals that are not harmful for the foil. When you don’t use your car, keep it in a protected place, such as in a garage. Keep the car away from harsh sunshine as much as possible – UV rays might bake the vinyl, changing its color, damaging it, shortening its lifespan and making it difficult to remove.