When considering the cost of a car wrap design as well as the cost of pasting it onto your car or other vehicle, there are many factors to consider. Not all cars are the same and not all designs involve the same level or quality of work. Also, costs can greatly depend on the quality of the labor, the company you’re buying the car wraps from and the type of finish that will be applied. car wraps Denver

Some car wraps are of course better equipped to handle abuse and last longer, and that will weigh in on the price as well. However, according to experienced car wraps Denver installers, the main factors that will determine what the cost will actually be is the type of car or vehicle you want it for and the size of the design.

If you have an SUV or a truck, the starting cost for the car wrap will be at about $4,000, while a Sedan or a crossover will cost less – around $3,000 to $3,500. However, these differences between size won’t mean that the smallest cars will cost very little to wrap. A common wrap for a motorcycle – which is practically the smallest one you can get – will be about $1,500, suggesting that there is a limit as to how affordable the price can be.