The average price of a business sign is somewhere between $2000 and $3000. Nevertheless, it can cost even more than that, depending on how complex the design is and on how big it will be. It can be difficult to answer this type of question, for several good reasons.

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The exact amount of money you will pay for your business sign can be influenced by a variety of factors. Of course, a bigger sign can cost you more than a smaller sign would. A monument sign without any kind of digital display can cost much less than a pylon sign equipped with digital display. The exact number of signs you need will also affect the final costs. To identify exactly how much a sign can cost, discuss your preferences and budget with the experts at The Visual Edge Signs & Design,

The materials used for making your signs can also affect their price. Despite the fact that good quality materials cost more, they can be a worthy investment. A properly made sign, built from top quality materials is going to last longer and have a better impact than one built with lower quality ones.

If you add lights to your signs, this will certainly add up to your final costs. But in case you need your signs to be seen at night also, it can be a very good idea.