large format printing Denver

Conventional printing technologies, whether low-scale or high-scale, are very harmful for our natural environment – conventional printers consume huge amounts of electricity, they emit ozone, the ink used by the machines generate huge amounts of hazardous waste and paper-manufacturing processes are very energy-intensive. While traditional printing techniques put a huge burden on the environment ––, today, there are lots of great ecological printing solutions available. According to large format printing Denver professionals, here are a few factors to pay attention while choosing your printing machine and accessories:

  • Recycled paper – modern manufacturing technologies allow for producing high-quality paper products from recycled materials. To make sure your paper is eco-friendly, look for paper made using sustainable resources and chlorine-free manufacturing;
  • Replace conventional, petroleum-based ink with vegetal-based ink – look for soil-based ink or for ink made from other plants. These modern ink products are suitable for creating prints of the highest quality without harming nature;
  • Buy eco-friendly printers – whether you need a printer for your office or a large machine for your printing business, many leading manufacturers today offer eco-friendly solutions. Most of these machines eliminate cartridges and replace them with refillable tanks, which makes the usage of the printer not only greener, but much more affordable as well.