Picking the colors of your LED signs must not be done randomly. This is because colors play a key role when it comes to influencing the perception of your brand image on the market and influencing purchase decisions.

Denver custom signs

Did you know that certain color categories in branding subconsciously convey that a brand is trustworthy or attractive? A reputable Denver custom signs business affirms that this can attract buyers and influence their purchase decisions. According to specialists, people are 92% influenced by the color of a product when deciding to buy it.

  • Influencing emotions – colors appeal not only to the rational side, but also to the emotions of those who interact with them.
  • Influencing the communication process – through colors and their associated meanings, you can send an impact message.

Here are some of the meanings of different colors in branding and examples of companies that use them:

RED – youth, courage, passion, strength, speed (Netflix, Youtube, KFC, Coca Cola)

BLUE – trust, responsibility, devotion, loyalty, care, calm (Paypal, Samsung, Oral-B)

PURPLE – spirituality, nostalgia, refinement, relaxation, wealth, abundance (Yahoo, Hallmark, Milka, Lady Speed ​​Stick)

GREEN – health, safety, vitality, generosity, prosperity (Animal Planet, Lacoste, Heineken, Starbucks)

YELLOW – optimism, joy, creativity, motivation, enthusiasm (Lay’s, McDonald’s, Ikea, Best Buy, Snapchat)