Vehicle graphics (in the form of car wraps) are now a very popular and effective way to promote your brand image. It is a well established fact that consumers prefer to buy from businesses they know. Thus, if they happen to see your branded vehicle in traffic several times, they will remember your logo and brand name when they are looking for products you carry.

But what kind of vehicle should you select for wrapping? There is no best car make or model, but preferred vehicle graphics Denver designers make the following recommendations:

  1. Brand the Cars that Are On the Road Most Frequently

Your own delivery vans are the best type of car to customize with vehicle graphics. They are always on the road, either to pick up supplies from vendors or to deliver products to your customers. Thus, they are very likely to be seen by potential customers.

  1. Taller Cars Are More Visible

The taller the car, the more visible it is in traffic. A large van or truck is an excellent choice for branding. Closed trucks are even better, because you have a larger surface available to display graphics and contact details.

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  1. Consider Branding Your Own Car

As a business owner, you are most likely to go out and drive a lot around the city to attend business meetings and negotiate contracts. In this case, you should also wrap your own car in vehicle graphics. After all, your business is your pride and joy and you won’t mind if your family and friends see the brand name on your car.