What does your business need in terms of branding to become more visible to anyone passing by your headquarters? The answer is: a monument sign. This is the ultimate branding statement for any company, in any industry.

The Visual Edge Signs & Design

Monument signs in Denver play several roles:

  1. Make Your Location More Visible

You can miss a standard sign or a street number, but you cannot miss a large monument sign professionally designed by The Visual Edge Signs & Design. If you run a business that involves a lot of visits by potential clients, such as a law firm, an accountancy firm, or any professional services activities, then you need to do everything to guide visitors to your front entrance.

  1. You Can Build a Memorable Brand Image

Do you remember when a major social media network rebranded its parent company? They made a big show out of unveiling the new monument sign displaying the updated logo. This shows how important monument signs are for branding. You cannot miss them, either as a pedestrian or a driver passing by in the car.

  1. Become More Visible on Google Street View

Right now, you can virtually walk down streets and boulevards in any city on the world using Google Street View. The search engine giant frequently sends cars equipped with camera to map every street and every alley in various locations. With a large monument sign on display, many potential clients can find your business while they were using the Google Maps service for other purposes.