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If you own or manage a busy strip mall, you’re probably already making a lot of profit. However, why settle for just a lot, when you can leverage simple marketing methods such as putting up signs to ensure that everyone browsing your aisles can find and buy what they’re looking for, leaving satisfied, and being sure to return?

Using signage for this purpose is a complex process, and it involves coordinating all signs with the flow of people in and out of your mall, as well as throughout different aisles. It also requires you to carefully consider all the statistics regarding how many people buy or look for certain types of items and how many leave without buying, even though they’ve looked extensively throughout the isles.

A well known sign company near me suggests that the best signs you can use are large and simple signs that point to items in a direct way. For instance, most people will be more likely to notice a simple black and white sign with large letters informing them of what they’ll find in a certain area, than one with a lot of complex graphics and facts causing information overload. Also, sometimes the best sign is somewhere in the middle, still using graphics to grab attention, but without exaggerating.

A few good promotional signs you can also consider are discount signs that show the percentages or prices in large, red letters to attract as much attention as possible. The more important an offer is for you, the bigger the sign you should use to attract even more customers.