LED signs Denver

Digital signage is one of the greatest inventions in the history of advertising.

First of all, digital signage is highly customizable. That means that, unlike traditional signage, digital signs can use more than just one picture to promote a service or a product. This makes the signage more attractive to people and gives you the opportunity to use more imagery associated with your brand or company and also to allow for some more creativity when designing the sign’s content.

Another benefit of digital signs is that it leads to enhanced engagement. According to studies, LED signs Denver distributors say that a digital display will get 4 times more views than classic, static signage. What’s more, 80% of participants in a study stated that it’s happened to them to enter stores simply because a digital sign caught their attention. Even better, digital signage not only draws more attention, but it seems it increases impulse buy as well. Experts say that 20% of consumers make unplanned purchases thanks to well thought our digital displays.

Last but not least, digital signs provide a lot more opportunities than just brand visibility or marketing. They can be used to display important information to customers, freeing up employees’ time (who would otherwise have to relay that information themselves).