sneeze guards DenverA sneeze guard basically aims to protect the eyes and face. This is personal protective equipment recommended for a wide range of users:

  • medical personnel
  • dentists
  • painters
  • construction workers
  • students etc.

A sneeze guard Denver designed product provides additional protection against the risk of contacting various contagious diseases as well as prevents accidents resulting from spraying with solid materials and particles.

The visor consists of a support (crest) of white plastic, on which is mounted a transparent plastic screen. This material combines excellent thermo formability with high impact resistance. The screen is clear and transparent, with good light transmission.

The visor is equipped with ventilation / demisting slots. The protection of the skin (forehead) in the contact area is provided by a soft rubber band applied on the inside of the crest. Attaching the visor to the head is done by means of an elastic band.

The visors can be easily customized. For example, if they are worn by your employees, you can include your company logo on the crest. The fastening strap can also contribute to the personalized look, through its color. Sneeze guards Denver designed customization can be done with logo, text or whatever the customer wants, using the technique of UV printing, which is very resistant over time.