Sign Company Monument Signs

The benefits of using outdoor signage to attract people`s attention to your business are obvious. You become more visible, not to mention that if you use a monument sign, it might become a landmark.

A monument sign is a beacon and many business owners place it near parking lots, to attract tourists` attention and make them change lanes and drive into their parking lot. A monument sign also encourages the impulse to stop and increases your foot traffic Many interactions may have not happened without the marker.

When you decide to purchase a monument sign, you have various alternatives to the classic brick and mortar construction that used to be the norm, in the past. You can opt for pre-formed foam monuments post and panel setups or metal with acrylic signs, which looks very contemporary.

Lighting your monument sign may be achieved with LEDs or supplied externally with landscape spotlights. Some clients have had excellent success with the integration of illuminated channel letters with their brick products. Choose from shapes that feature curves, straight edges, or different square, triangle and even columns.

Rather than selecting a design you’re not sure of, you might want to first discuss your thoughts with a graphic artist, search for a sign company near me to get a local designer and in close proximity for convenience.