When it comes to exterior signs that really make an impact, there’s a lot to consider regarding the appearance and scope of two large and imposing types of signs that will certainly draw the attention of anyone walking or driving by: pylon and monument signs.

First, let’s try to define both of them. Pylon signs are tall signs usually placed on a post and meant to attract attention from far away. Many motels use pylon signs to draw the attention of tired drivers. Monument signs on the other hand are less about attracting the attention of people and more about making a strong statement about the prestige of your business or organization.

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A trusted custom sign company near me affirms that both types of signs are pretty effective when it comes to both these aspects. Because of their height, pylon signs can convey the fact that your business is “larger than life,” while some monument signs can really stand out due to their stone construction or large, ornate fonts.

The difference between the two is mainly structural, but it’s also in the ultimate role that they fulfill. Even though pylon signs are imposing, they are still mainly informational in nature, and will not likely make your business look as prestigious and impressive as it would with a monument sign in your front yard.