Height is the main difference between a pylon and a monument sign. Thus, whereas a monument sign is up to 5 feet high, a pylon sign can be a few hundred feet tall.

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Monument signs are created for corporations and other individual businesses. It is a durable option created only for the outdoor environment. These types of commercial signs in Denver can often be visible from the eye level and is often used in combination with other landscape elements such as water fountains, flowers, bushes, etc.

A monument sign can be built from materials such as aluminum, brick or sign foam and can be used with illumination elements also.

A pylon sign can be used either for only one company, or for multiple users. They are most likely to be seen around shopping plazas, multi-tenant buildings, and so on. It can also include customized lights and can be manufactured at several different heights, sizes, shapes. This type of sign should be used in areas with manufacturing plants, storage facilities or enterprises that are similar to yours. It is not a good idea to place a pylon sign in areas with roads and traffic, because people will not be able to notice it from the eye level.