While you can get away with placing signs that depict discounts and time-limited offers just about anywhere around or inside your store, your business sign should be in a place where everyone can see it as soon as they get close. Its placement needs to be considered carefully, while taking into account a few very important factors:

  • If your store is in an area filled with small businesses and lots of signs, you might be better off placing your business sign a bit higher than most, to draw more attention to it.
  • It’s best to avoid placing it around the side of your store or doors, as those areas can easily fade into obscurity. Ironically enough, that goes the same for areas reserved for window signs, which are usually best kept for promotional and digital signage instead.
  • Placing the sign a few inches above your doors or windows is usually the best course of action, as it’s hard not to see it there. Also, it makes it easy for people to identify your business from a distance, especially if you use proper lighting.

Ultimately, choosing the right placement for outdoor business signs in Denver is a matter of preference. Your best course of action is to actually walk around the neighborhood and take pictures of your store from different angles. Then you can use digital software or just a small sticker to mimic where your sign could go and where it would have ideal visibility from all angles.

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