Companies use various types of outdoor advertising to attract customers. This method of advertising your products or services it is considered one of the most effective, since it can reach a lot of people.

Monument signs in Denver are very popular, being usually located at the entrance to institutions or companies. They are installed at ground level, but they are large and bulky, which ensures them visibility. They also look prestigious.

monument signs Denver

Their bases can be made of various materials, from concrete to stone and synthetic materials. It is not uncommon for the best personalized advertising monument signs Denver companies build be made of a natural stone on which letters and other elements are applied.

Monument signs can be designed to have a very classy look. They can also be surrounded by flowers and plants, which will integrate them very nicely into the overall landscape design.

The purpose of a monument sign is not necessarily maximum visibility, as it will not be as easily observable as a pylon sign or as volumetric letters placed at a height, but it will make people easily retain the logo of the company or institution, as well as the defining elements of the brand.

A monument sign can also be lighted, which is definitely a plus, as it will be just as visible at night.