A monument sign is a form of architectural signage, just like a pylon/ totem, but there are differences between them. In terms of height, monument signs are shorter than pylons and closer to the ground. In most cases, they actually sit on the ground, which makes them have a lower profile.

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Considering that monument signs are not as visible from a distance, they have another primary purpose: to catch the attention of people passing by. This is why you can find them typically placed near entrances to institution and business perimeters.

They do not necessarily have an aggressive advertising purpose but rather help people identify businesses and institutions. This is very important, especially in crowded cities, where most newcomers say it is quite tricky to locate places. That is actually the main reason why monument signs are used for labs and academic institutions.

However, this type of signage also contributes to people’s first impression of institutions and companies. According to respected monument signs Denver area companies, monument signs are versatile and can be designed to match the existing architecture of the building, creating a consistent look and adding prestige and a touch of class. This is why monument signs are commonly used for labs and academic institutions that want a formal sign that is in line with the type of organization they are.