Sneeze guards, also known as sneeze shields or protection shields, have been a staple in food-service establishments since the emergence of the fast-food industry in the 1950s. With the coronavirus outbreak, the need for physical barriers to protect against airborne transmission has been reignited. As well as preventing the spread of a contagious virus, adding sneeze guards at stores has many other benefits.

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First, sneeze guards draw an important safety line between store personnel and customers. Primarily used for self-service applications, sneeze guards provide an efficient and convenient way to guard against airborne pathogens transmitted in sneeze droplets.

Second, most sneeze guards are made of transparent plastic material, making them neutral in aesthetics and allowing customers to view different goods and items on display in the store. Moreover, some sneeze guards are designed to be adjustable, and the height can be changed to suit different needs. Therefore, they are an effective physical barrier while allowing an unrestricted view.

Finally, having a sneeze guard in place helps to create a sense of trust and confidence with the customers, reassuring them that the store is taking appropriate measures to prevent the spread of disease. Therefore, installing such protection shields at your store, whether for self-servicing or customer interaction, is an excellent way to ensure the safety of the staff and the customers.

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