Sneeze guards are a very useful innovation in the field of restaurants and other industries. That’s because it protects products and people from getting accidentally infected by others. While ordinarily associated with buffets and salad bars, these sneeze barriers have proven very efficient in other areas. For instance, supermarkets and other stores have started using them to protect their employees from getting infected by customers. Although they might seem out of place, and some might say that they take away from the personal interaction, they are beneficial, especially during crowded periods of the year.

Even after the pandemic will be officially over, sneeze guards may still keep their place in society. That’s because they are a great early prevention system for any other widespread illnesses. Also, people have grown accustomed to them. To some, removing them all of a sudden may even seem weird. They offer a much-needed barrier between people that do not know each other and might risk infecting each other. These guards can be given, in time, different functions as well. For instance, you might find them in locations you wouldn’t usually, such as bathrooms or schools.

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