Car Graphics Denver

Car Graphics Denver Car graphics are used all around Denver to advertise a business or service while on a budget. Car Wraps, while extremely high impact can be a fairly high cost item, especially for a new business. We recommend car graphics because they offer some of the same qualities that a car wrap offers but cover less surface area and are less labor-intensive. Some companies just want to cover their car door with graphics, other people want to wrap their hood with a design. This method saves you money but can be just as useful in getting new business. If your logo and phone number are prominent and people can immediately tell what it is you do than you have won the advertising battle. Car graphics use the same type of vinyl and lamination that is implemented for wraps unless they can be created with one or two colors. In those instances we can save you even more money by cutting your logo out of high performance adhesive vinyl. This type of vinyl can be used for high impact lettering and graphics. We can cut single piece (unspliced) graphics up to 60" tall for most vinyl colors. Some specialty colors only come in smaller rolls and we'll always notify you if there will be a split in the material. The 60" height is sufficient for any car on the market as well as most trucks. We use a heat gun and knife in order to conform your graphics to any curve, door or surface you can think of.

Denver Car Graphics For even large graphics we can perform what's called "splicing" the material. We cut out half of your logo and overlay the other half night next to it leaving a small overlap so that even when your vinyl tightens in the sun no gap in the material will be seen. This application is especially useful for larger items such as you might see on a large cabinet sign or perhaps a banner on a race track.