Magnetic Car Signs Denver

Magnetic Car Signs Denver Magnetic signs are great for a variety of reasons. The first is that they are a very inexpensive way to advertise as opposed to a wrap, but just like a wrap you have a full arsenal of colors and designs that can be used. The power of these types of signs is that they can be easily removed at any time. If you are going to a function where advertising would not be appropriate you can just take these off and the problem is solved! This solution also works out if you have a Home Owner's Association because often they require that vehicles parked outside must not display advertising graphics. With magnetic signs the problem is solved! Once you park outside for the night it's a simple as taking off the graphics and reapplying them in the morning.

Vehicle magnetic signs work great but there are a few things to keep in mind to care for them properly. One must clean the area where the magnet will be placed at least once a week. This allows for the best adhesion possible and extends the life of your product. We also recommend that you take these off when you go through a car wash so that the powerful water jet sprays don't tear off your signs.

Denver Magnetic Car Signs We design your magnets to the exact make and model of your vehicle. What works on a truck might not work on a Mini Cooper and vice versa. We measure the body lines so that the magnetic fits within those constraints. If the magnetic falls on something other than a flat surface it can lift up with the air resistance from highway driving. We can do a wide variety of fonts and colors on a white background or even print and laminate a piece to cover the white of the magnetic sign so that you have a mini "wrap" on your car or truck door. We can also cut these magnets out to custom shapes as we've illustrated in this photo.