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Vehicle Graphics Denver

Vehicle Graphics are not full wraps, but they provide many of the same benefits of vinyl wraps. There are a few different types of vinyl we use to accomplish this, and to learn more about vehicle wraps scroll to read more below.

Cut Vinyl: The first type of vinyl is “Cut Vinyl.”

Cut Vinyl is a material we use for most graphics. It comes in a premium (known as Cast) and a standard type (known as Calandered.)

Vehicle Graphics Denver

Digital Printed Vinyl: The second type of vinyl we use is digital print vinyl.

Rather than cutting out shapes and layering those shapes for any additional colors in the design, we feed this material through our machine, which then prints the design. We can then cut this out to a specific shape using the same machine that we use to cut out letters or graphics.

Digital Printed Vinyl

Digital Printed Vinyl comes in Cast (for longer life expectancy and greater conformability), Calendered (for flat surfaces only and has lower life expectancy than the Cast), as well as Translucent (a material that allows light to pass through it). We use this type of vinyl for lighted signs and other applications where this effect would be useful.

Vehicle Graphics Denver

Perforated Vinyl

We also print on Perforated Vinyl for vehicle windows. This perforated window vinyl has tiny holes throughout, allowing you to see through the window. We will determine what the best combination of vinyl will be for your desired effect based on a variety of factors.

We look at the type of files you have, the colors and size you would like them to be. Placement is essential in determining the vinyl type as well.

Vehicle Graphics Denver

The Best Vinyl For You

The sign industry often throws words around like “premium” when it comes to vinyl; however, the real difference between the two commonly manufactured vinyl types is whether they are cast or calendered. The National Association of Sign Supply Distributors (NASSD) has an explanation between the two types so that we may rightly understand the differences:

Cast Vinyl

  • Thin (1-3mil)- cuts and weeds easily

  • High gloss finish (unless designed with a matte finish)

  • Very conformable to irregular surfaces such as textures, rivets, and corrugations

  • Extremely colorfast, vandal-resistant, exhibits minimal shrinkage, and maintains adhesion

  • Can have an outdoor life span of up to seven years when properly installed

  • Ideal for vehicle and boat graphics, outdoor signage, and all exterior applications

Vehicle Graphics Denver

Calendered Vinyl

  • Thicker (3-5 mil)- doesn’t typically cut and weed as consistently as cast film

  • Lack of conformability limits use to flat or simple curved surfaces

  • Less vandal-resistant, less colorfast, more likely to crack and shrink, and rarely achieve the same level of adhesion as cast vinyl

  • The expected outdoor life span of a properly installed polymeric calendered vinyl is five years. Inferior, monomeric, calendered vinyl will rarely last beyond one to three years. (NASSD website, “Cast Versus Calendered, The True Story Behind High-Performance Vinyl”)

Differences in Vinyl

There are quite a few differences between the main two families of vinyl in terms of adhesion, conformability, and life expectancy. When we make your vehicle wraps, we will always discuss your options with you so that you can make an informed decision for an optimal product.

Vehicle Graphics Denver

What Types of Fleet and Vehicle Wraps Do We Offer?

We have created a myriad of car graphics and fleet wraps for companies in a vast array of industries and applications. Our goal, when we work with you, is to create either car wraps, truck wraps, or wrap design solutions that attract customers to your business. We will spend time with you to determine what the best approach is to create wraps and graphics that speak to your clients.

Professional Denver Wraps and Graphic Designs

We create incredible vehicle lettering, window decals, and graphics for many types of businesses. During our long history serving Denver, we have worked with companies that need custom car wraps for their fleet, custom graphics, perforated window film and many more categories of graphic services. We have created wall graphics, custom vehicle magnets, custom car window decals, murals, and Denver custom commercial car wrap and graphics for companies that span all, industries and service areas.

Vehicle Graphics Denver

Graphics and Promotional Products Designs To Work Together

We know how to make auto detailing graphics that work with the rest of your marketing campaign. We will tie in your fleet graphics with the other products you are using to market your business, such as construction signs, custom lettering, menu boards, real estate signs, and yard signs.

The Best Company

When you are investigating window tint and graphics companies, you want to have the comfort of know that you are hiring experience and talent for professional installation services. We offer both.

Vehicle Graphics Denver

Vast Digital Printing and Graphic Design Applications

In addition to our fleet graphics and Denver vehicle wraps services, our expertise in general marketing and signs is second to none. We have both the graphics skills and equipment to design, fabricate, install, and maintain your exterior signage and hopefully delight you with the result. Vinyl lettering, vinyl wrap, and whatever else you want on your wrap design can be included. It will be a pleasure working on your new design!

Where Can You Add Designs?

These include, but are not limited to, logos, car wraps, trucks, motorcycles, car bumper, rear window signs, lobby signs, acrylic signs, and ADA signs. Your imagination is the only limit to your marketing project.

Vehicle Graphics Denver

Many Industries Served Right Here in Denver, CO

No matter what type of business you are part of, we strive to bring our best work to your company. So, if you are looking for a quality firm to work with, don’t go to a company that creates a Colorado clear bra or installs auto glass or home window tinting.

The Best In Colorado Signs And Wraps

Come to the experts in custom wraps and be confident that we can do the work. We have state of the art equipment to create your custom graphics in an environmentally friendly way. Whether the size of a whale or the size of a gorilla, wraps can enhance your branding.

Let Us Know Your Ideas

Potential customers can contact our design team so that we can bring our experience to your company.

Vehicle Graphics Denver

Vehicle Graphics, Denver And Beyond

We have built and fabricated auto graphics for many industries and locations across the Front Range. Looking for vehicle graphics? Centennial, Aurora, and Lone Tree to the Denver area, Boulder, Colorado, and everywhere in between can be served by our business for a better price than you most likely expected. The list goes on and on. We have taken care of a similar brand or business and would like to help you as well.

Call us so we can serve you too.