For a medical facility, the most important aspect to keep in mind when placing an outdoor sign is to make sure it is easy to understand. Although signs are things that we do not pay much attention to, they have a very big impact. Indoors, door and wall signs help patients and visitors find their way around more easily, and the same is true outdoors, in the courtyard of a hospital, where signs need to help people easily identify or locate certain buildings, entrances etc.

Outdoor signage provides visibility. Without it, people would find it very difficult to navigate a medical facility.

Hospitals and clinics have very few universal signs, but the blue H, which indicates the existence of a nearby hospital, or the cross that shows you that the place offers medical services are mandatory outdoor signs. In addition, there is a variety of other outdoor signs for hospitals, from those that offer visibility to various entrances, departments and buildings, to those in the parking lot.

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Very widely speaking, business signs Denver consultants say that there are three major types of outdoor signs used in the medical industry, according to the area where they are located.

  • To give visibility to the medical center, facilities typically use monument or pillar signs, located near the street.
  • On the building, depending on its type, there are other signs, usually in the form of plaques, on which the practices carried out inside are written.
  • Directional signs: exit, entrance, cardiology, medical staff only etc.