In order to improve its visibility and attract more customers, an established restaurant can benefit from various types of custom signs that a locally recommended sign making company in Denver can design and produce.

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For instance, channel letter signs are shapes or letters which are mounted on the façade of a building. They can be customized and the offer a professional, attractive appearance.

Monument signs are another great idea. They are usually placed near the entrance of the restaurant, and are made of durable materials such as stone or metal. They can be easily noticed from the street and they can also include a restaurant’s name and the logo

We can also speak of window decals, which can include important elements such as the restaurant’s brand image, the working hours and special offers or discounts. These signs are a very effective way to draw the attention of passers-by.

In the category of interior signs we could mention menu boards, which are placed behind the counter or on the walls, displaying the restaurant’s offerings. They can be designed to match the overall aesthetic and branding.

Directional signs can help guide customers towards different areas within a restaurant, such as restrooms, the bar, or the outdoor seating area. They can definitely improve customer flow.